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Headaches and migraines

Hello no one! Let's be honest, no one reads this. It was always the intention to blog once a month.. not because I want to, or because anyone would be remotely interested anything I have to say. Purely because that's what Google wants. Thats how its funky algorithm decides that your web pages/business is hip, up-to-date and worthy of a search result. Here's an update:

Since I last rambled, I've been on some fantastic learning experiences that completely changed the way I look at treating the shoulder/upper back region. Getting a good understanding of how each muscle complements each movement and witnessing/trying new techniques to get to difficult-to-reach triggers and adhesions as made such a difference to the results I get with clients, particularly if range of motion is poor.

Having said that, I did not expect to see such a difference to people who experience headaches and migraines. It's amazing how pain felt in the front of the head can originate so far down towards the lower neck. This time of year, its not uncommon to be fighting off colds and flu a common symptom of this is often tight, aching muscles and sinus pain, both of which can make life pretty unpleasant. Using some of the techniques I'd learnt relatively recently, I have had great success relieving both sinus and headache pain.

Obviously this is purely my anecdotal experience & isn't evidence based using double blind study methodologies to get into a scientific journal, nor will it treat all types of head pain, but if you're suffering from these issues on a regular basis, it is definitely worth trying to see whether this therapy makes a difference.

In other irrelevant news, I currently subscribe to every streaming service known to man. Thats a lie. I subscribe to the big three (Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal). I keep going back and forth on which ones my favourite. The current front runner is Spotify. Thoughts?

Thats enough joy from me! Chat soon


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